Threads Needlepoint

Threads Needlepoint

Belt Sizing and Finishing

After you purchase your belt...

We will email you to request:
   • Belt size
   • Man, Woman, or Child
   • Right or Left-Handed



How to measure belt size:
   • Measure a belt that fits, including the entire buckle to the hole in which it's worn.
   • That's the belt size!
   • (You will be stitching 6" fewer than that number.)



   • For finishing, 2 rows top and bottom will be turned under.
   • Please stitch those in your background color.
   • We will mark those rows for you. 



When you've completed the stitching, we are delighted to leather it for you, for $109 (shipping included).

Leather choices:
   • Black
   • Brown
   • Tan

Buckle choices:
   • Silver-toned
   • Brass

Send the completed canvas and a note with...
   • The belt size
   • The leather and buckle selection
   • Right or Left-Handed
   • Man, Woman, or Child (or select Small, Medium, or Large buckle)

... and a check for $109, made payable to Marla Chaikin.

Your completed belt will arrive within 3 weeks. 

If you've stitched a belt from another source, we're happy to have it leathered for you. Simply follow instructions above!

Send belts to:

Marla Chaikin
13 Sundew Road
Savannah GA 31411

(Your belt will be safest in a padded envelope.)


Thank you!

Marla Chaikin